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Full Fasting

Full Fasting

It’s funny I have this post in the food category but fasting is one of the best ways to help your body heal. It has also been proven that fasting helps increase your T Cells in your body. Enough of the benefits since you can read a lot about it on the internet. It’s very important to follow the instructions outlined below:

Ideal time to fast:

Fasting has to be done only of Ekadashi days (Twice a month). To check the ekadashi dates follow this link :

Ekadashi Fasting Process:

The fasting process spans for 3 days. So let’s say that Ekadashi is on Jan 2.

Day 1:

So on Jan 1 take a light lunch and drink enough water. You should not eat any grains and stop taking any food afterwards. You should not even drink any water.

Day 2:

No eating or drinking

Day 3:

Breaking the fast after sunrise.

Breaking the Fast:

It’s very important to break the fast properly. You should gradually start taking food and water and not eat any grains immediately.

Happy Fasting.

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