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Medical Astrology – Part One

Medical Astrology – Part One

Let us see how astrology plays a big part in Cancer detection and cure. For folks who do not believe in astrology you can skip to the next blog.

Planetary combinations for Cancer:

If Mars (Sevvai) and North Lunar Node (Rahu) or shadow planets are combined together and friendly to each other then there is a 99% chance that the person will have cancer.

Remedy or Cure:

Remedy or cure is definitely possible if there is positive influence from Jupiter (Guru) and strong lagnathipathi. In this case you will have to perform Mritha Sanjivani Homam 3 times continuously. Each time it takes 7 days to perform the homam. So it has to be done for 21 days continuously. I heard that this place is very good to perform this homam.

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